Brett Dionysius

Pyrenean Ibex

Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica

We are the only species to exist that has died twice.
The first-time round was nothing out of the ordinary.
Males had that classic Lucifer set of curled black horns
That decorated many a Spanish tavern. Hunting yes, but
Other factors greased us too; competition for food, habitat
Loss. Would you believe the last of our kind ‘Celia’ was crushed
To death under a falling tree. Everything is accidental. Numbers
Record the thin edge of life’s nuclear wedge. Her ear cells were
Transferred into goat eggs. 439 embryos manifested like cards
From a magician’s sleeve. 57 were implanted into immaculate hosts.
Seven pregnancies trickled like meltwater. One birth fell to the lab’s
Straw bedding. The kid’s lungs were envelope thin & had the same
Volume. For seven minutes the chest cavity of our second coming
Rose up & down; then a scientist broke open the curtains.


Brett Dionysius was born in Dalby, Queensland, Australia. He has since lived in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Ipswich, where he is an English teacher, was founding Director of the Queensland Poetry Festival, and in his spare time watches birds.

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