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Blue Earth Book Review is an extension of our literary magazine, Blue Earth Review, that focuses on reviewing books written by Minnesota writers. It was merged with, and formerly known as The Corresponder. Just like with Blue Earth Review, the Book Review is based out of Minnesota State University, Mankato. We review a wide variety of books by Minnesota authors, and want to celebrate their achievement. If you are a Minnesota author and you have a book you’d like us to review, please email us at:

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The Saint of Everything, by Deborah Keenan

Review of The Saint of Everything

By Sarah James
October 16th, 2023

“Child wolves, get out of the city before sunrise, consider the times we live in. Keep running,” Keenan masterfully writes. Former poet laureate Rober Pinsky once stated of Sylvia Plath’s work; “her poems throw off images and phrases with the energy of a runaway horse or a machine with its throttle stuck wide open.” It would be impossible to not draw connections to Keenan here, her vivid passion is palatable and enchanting, each poem its own story.

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Kids’ Books Wrap-Up

By Sarah James
September 28th, 2023

With summer waning, now is a fine time to prepare the children for the dark, cold, indoor season to come. Sound sad? Wonderfully, there are plenty of great recent kids’ reads from Minnesota publishers and authors to keep the little ones warm at heart! Here are a few…

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Blood in the Tracks, by Paul Metsa & Rick Shefchik

Blood in the Tracks Gives Due to Minnesotan Musicians

By Luke Rife
September 16th, 2023

On December 27th, 1974, at Sound 80 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bob Dylan begins rerecording songs for his upcoming album, Blood on the Tracks. Dylan is accompanied in the studio sessions by six Minnesotan musicians. Blood in the Tracks: The Minnesota Musicians Behind Dylan’s Masterpiece, by Paul Metsa and Rick Shefchik, chronicles the life of those musicians through their histories – both personal and professional.

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