BK Fischer

Parable of the Mower

One airless August afternoon, half a dozen kids
got hired for $3 an hour to pass out a thousand flyers
for the heating and cooling company owned by one

of their dads, covering a neighborhood with streets
named for poets: Keats, Spenser, Sidney, Pope.
Municipal mowers droned from the drainage sloughs

between the houses and ball fields, scattering
grass clippings as they crossed the medians
and idled at the curbs. The only girl in the group

noticed that most of the driveways she climbed
to tuck the rolled-up flyer in the storm door
had oil spots in the shape of horses. On one,

a bloodied mouse was caught under a piece
of green tinsel—when it lifted off the corpse
she saw that it was a swarm of emerald flies.



BK Fischer is the author of the forthcoming Radioapocrypha, a suburban gospel in which these parables appear. Her other books are Mutiny Gallery, St. Rage’s Vault, and the forthcoming My Lover’s Discourse, a Gurlesque remix of Roland Barthes. She teaches The Comma Sutra at Columbia University and is a poetry editor at Boston Review.